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LG Display sees Q2 profit plummet 55.4% YoY

LG Display, the display panel making company of LG Group, reported a 55.4 percent drop in operating profits for the second quarter of the year, reports ZDNet Korea’s Jeong Hyeon-jeong.

published 2 hours ago by ZDNet Staff

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Alibaba denies princelings’ influence on the company

Responding to a NYT report which connects some of its shareholders to Chinese political powers, Alibaba said the background of its investors mattered little to the group and slammed some international media for making things out of nothing.

published 3 hours ago by Cyrus Lee

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Flash Boys, book review: Exposing the Wall Street shuffle

According to Michael Lewis, the financial markets are rigged, with banks and big brokers operating 'dark pools' that can be exploited by high-frequency traders. This book exposes the scam, and describes how one group is trying to change the game.

published 4 hours ago by Wendy M Grossman


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