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ZDNet's education team is dedicated to helping our visitors find answers and advice at every stage of their educational and professional journeys.
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We employ educators, scientists, researchers, developers, journalists, and editors to help craft and review every story we publish and every ranking we offer. Learn more about our EDU team and their experiences below.

Nate Delesline III

Nate writes about the intersection of education and technology. He's also worked as a newspaper staff writer, covering K-12 and higher education, business, local government, and public safety. After living in five other states, Nate considers Virginia his home.

Sarah Eilefson

Sarah received her Ph.D. from Loyola University Chicago and teaches composition online at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Her scholarly articles have appeared in Text & Presentation and Scholarly Editing, and she works on the next great American novel in her spare time. 

Brendan Gawlowski

Brendan has worked in the education space for six years and is dedicated to providing prospective students with the best possible information as they evaluate their education options. In his spare time, he writes about baseball for FanGraphs.com.

Tori Rubloff

Tori has worked as a data-driven content creator, visual storyteller, and feature writer for various national and local publications. She graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in education and an MA in mass communication. In her free time, Tori enjoys bullet journaling, meditation and yoga, exercising, cooking elaborate dinners, and learning guitar.

Helen Wilbers

Helen's previous experience includes several years as a journalist and newspaper editor in small-town Missouri. When not obsessively hunting down grammatical errors, Helen enjoys foraging for mushrooms, reading, and dabbling in amateur entomology.


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