Google wants to make online lessons better with these classroom 'add-ons'

This feature will allow students and educators to easily access and integrate content into current lessons.
Written by Pallavi Kenkare, Associate Editor
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Google has launched a set of new EdTech add-ons that it said will allow teachers to easily find, add, use and grade content from EdTech tools, from within Google Classroom.

The add-ons are intended to save teachers time and improve the digital classroom experience for students. They address challenges such as managing multiple accounts and passwords, assisting students in navigating external websites and managing the grading process across different platforms.

In a blog post, Google explains: "While many classes currently use external EdTech tools, one of the biggest challenges of truly integrating them into lessons remains the busy work of trying to manage content and grading outside of Classroom. 

"With add-ons, educators and students can easily access content by simply logging in to their Classroom account."

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Google has partnered with 18 companies – such as learning trivia game Kahoot!, subscription-based learning site IXL and presentation creator Pear Deck – in order to offer add-ons within Google Classroom. 

Other partners include Adobe Express for Education, BookWidgets, CK-12, Edpuzzle, Formative, Genially, Google Arts & Culture, Google Play Books, Nearpod, Newsela, PBS LearningMedia, SAFARI Montage, Sora from OverDrive Education, WeVideo and Wordwall. Google also offers users the option to give feedback within Classroom to request new add-on partners.

Online education has been a huge growth area over the last couple of years; in particular it has resulted in a major boost from Google's Chromebooks, although that momentum has declined with the return to school and work.

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