AI, cryptocurrency and machine learning top Coursera popularity list for UK

Google, Stanford University, Princeton University and Yale University all had courses in the top 15 for UK-based Coursera users.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Coursera users in the UK have shown significant interest in classes on AI, cryptocurrency and other tech topics, according to data the company collected on the most popular online courses in 2021. 

Coursera based its data on responses from nearly 2.5 million UK-based users, finding a noticeable uptick in professional certificates centered around digital jobs. 

While the most popular course was from Yale University and focuses on mental health, Stanford University's machine learning course was the second most popular -- and 3rd most popular in 2020. Google's Foundations: Data, Data Everywhere came in third place. 


Anthony Tattersall, a vice president at Coursera, said the survey's results suggest that UK learners are responding to the needs and opportunities that are defining the digital economy. 

"From UX Design to data science, this shifting emphasis will help to reduce the UK's digital skills gap and ensure its increased competitiveness across critical skill domains," Tattersall said. 

Several Google courses made the top 15, including ones on Python, UX design, project management and data management. 

Princeton University's Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies went from 74th on 2020's list to 12th on this year's list.

UK learners also showed significant interest in Korean, Psychology and financial markets. 

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