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Dennis Howlett has been providing comment and analysis on enterprise software since 1991 in a variety of European trade and professional journals including CFO Magazine, The Economist and Information Week. Today, apart from being a full time blogger on innovation for professional services organisations, he is a founding member of Enterprise Irregulars and an investor in a European start-up. Prior to, Dennis was technology and tax partner in a British firm of Chartered Accountants for 10 years. Prior to that held various senior finance roles across a broad range of industries.

Dennis Howlett is committed to maintaining the independent and opinionated stance that his writings are well known for and does not enter into contracts that would limit his freedom of expression in any way. However it is important in the interests of full disclosure to inform readers of those relationships so they can form their own judgment. This page therefore lists all Dennis Howlett's current business relationships. Dennis's consulting arrangements occasionally bring him into direct or indirect business relationships with some of the companies about which he writes, and/or their competitors. Where such a relationship exists, it is disclosed at the end of any article that references the company concerned. Dennis owns AccMan, an independently produced blog covering the professional services market, primarily focused on Europe. It is currently sponsored by selected TextLink Ads and named sponsors in the 'Sponsored Content' block. Dennis maintains relationships with a range of end user organizations and in all cases is subject to non-disclosure agreement. He has no current 'paid for' relationships with ITC vendors except as disclosed above although certain vendors comp travel and expenses claims. For the benefit of doubt, T&E reimbursement is a common practice among European-based writers. It is often the only way we can attend important events. Even so, it doesn't impact our analysis of what vendors have to say. If you believe otherwise then feel free to ignore what is written here. Except as mentioned above, Dennis has no other investments in any company. This page last updated 2nd October, 2012.

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Africa - not fit for sourcing business?

Africa - not fit for sourcing business?

My Irregular colleague Jason Busch - who is an acknowledged thought leader on sourcing stepped on a landmine (metaphorically speaking) in writing off Africa as a continent with which to do business:In my view, we would all do well to invest our tourism dollars in a continent as beautiful as Africa, not to mention our charity donations for medical care, safe drinking water and nutrition programs -- among other causes -- in the region.

December 2, 2007 by in China

TIBCO TUCON - complexity is cool

TIBCO TUCON - complexity is cool

In the world of large enterprise, complexity is the norm. TIBCO is trying to make complexity look cool but in doing so it needs to re-engineer itself as a more marketing led organization. Vivek Ranadivé, the company's CEO talks to those issues.

May 11, 2010 by in China