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Jason Perlow, Senior Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer, The Linux Foundation.

My full-time employer is The Linux Foundation, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. I write as a freelancer for ZDNet. The postings and opinions on this blog are my own and don't necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of the Linux Foundation.

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Happy Chanukah, and Live Long and Prosper

Happy Chanukah, and Live Long and Prosper

Star Trek Menorah (Source: Gizmodo/The Evil Mad Scientist)Jews have always been short-shrifted when it comes to the practice of holiday lighting. Sure, Chanukah is the Festival of Lights, and we have a grand tradition of eating delicious fried foods, but let's face it, our lighted decorations pale in comparison to the Gentiles when it comes to over-the-top sharing of merriment.

December 11, 2009 by in Open Source

On the future of Open Source thought leadership

On the future of Open Source thought leadership

After over a decade of being in the shadow of the Free Software movement and 30 years of its inflexible dogmatic principles, disruptive new Open Source thought leadership is emerging that is truly able to compromise with the realistic needs of business and end-users without carrying the baggage of strict adherence to an ideology that is by definition a culture of exclusion. (artwork by Spidermonkey, Inc.

October 8, 2009 by in Open Source