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Oliver Marks consults and advises with on international digital business strategy, previously ran HP's Global Digital Enterprise Transformation team, managed the Sony PlayStation 'WorldWide Studios' collaboration and workflow environment, and has worked with the American Management Association, Sun, Docent/SumTotal Systems, Harvard Business School and McKinsey & Company. Oliver has dual US/UK citizenship, speaks at various conferences and on the occasional webinar. He is based in San Francisco. His personal site is www.olivermarks.com.

Oliver Marks professional work is defined by an objective viewpoint of the broad spectrum of vendors and options available to his clients and readers of this blog. Oliver provides an impartial perspective of vendors and is focused on contractual affiliation with end user clients in order to select appropriate solutions. As such he has no business relationships with the companies or services he recommends. The opinions, concepts and views put forward in this blog are solely those of Oliver Marks.

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Saluting SAP & Oracle Communities

Saluting SAP & Oracle Communities

This is a fascinating big enterprise week in the US, with Oracle Open World dominating downtown San Francisco (and making the taxi drivers very happy), and SAP TechEd running concurrently in Phoenix.Oracle do a good job of putting Open World online and I attended last year, so this year I'm currently in Phoenix with the SAP community, while keeping an eye on Oracle news online.

October 13, 2009 by in SAP

The Clear Path Forward for the SAP Super Tanker...

The Clear Path Forward for the SAP Super Tanker...

SAP are proposing a 'clear path forward' in their marketing materials, in an opaque global economic situation. At this week's Boston Influencers Summit financial volatility, rising customer power, sustainability, increased regulation and rapid change in technology and information were acknowledged as key influencers of the SAP supertanker.

December 10, 2009 by in SAP