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Symantec Video Series:
The Case for Next-Gen Security and Data Centers

The way we compute -- from our smart phones to our corporate data centers -- is evolving rapidly. Virtualization and cloud technologies are paving the way for software-defined networking and the Internet of Everything. Is your company making the right moves and making sure that security is top priority? This video series explores data center agility, mobile endpoints, and security intelligence in depth, with practical takeaways from top industry experts including Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research, and Samir Kapuria and Drew Meyer of Symantec.

How to Fight the Cyber Security War

When large-scale data breaches dominate the headlines and compliance requirements grow more stringent every day, it seems as though the hackers are winning and hardworking business owners are paying the price. In this video, Samir Kapuria, Vice President, Cyber Security Group, talks about the rapidly evolving threat landscape and how threat intelligence enables superior data protection.

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BYOD: How to Boost Productivity without Compromising Security

Experts predict that 2014 is the year that tablets and smartphones outnumber laptops and desktops around the world. Surveys show that employees want to use the same device for work and personal activities. What does this sea change mean for business and IT? Maribel Lopez, CEO of Lopez Research, discusses the implications of this trend, including BYOD, data security, productivity, and the blurring line between our personal and work lives.

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Expand Your Agile Data Center with Confidence

The convergence of virtualization, cloud, and software-defined networking creates unprecedented opportunities for smart enterprises. But this kind of agility brings challenges. In this video, Drew Meyer, Senior Director of Information Management for Symantec, discusses the way holistic data center solutions can help companies embrace agility without fear.

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