Patent wars, regulation and legislation increasingly matter to the tech sector.

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Software licensing policy

Software licensing policy

Organizations spend a fortune on software licenses every year, and a lack of management around it can result in heavy fines. This policy will help you establish guidelines to make sure you're in compliance...

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NBN Co visits Prysmian fibre factory: pics

NBN Co visits Prysmian fibre factory: pics

Prysmian Telecom Cables and Systems was awarded a contract of up to $300 million this week to supply fibre-optic cables for the National Broadband Network (NBN). NBN Co head Mike Quigley visited the company's Dee Why factory after the announcement.

January 19, 2011 by in NBN

Mobile speed: Ericsson LTE demo photos

Mobile speed: Ericsson LTE demo photos

Everyone's talking about mobile. They want to access the internet while they're on the go, and they want it to be fast. Ericsson is one of a swathe of vendors conducting trials for the next generation of mobile technology — Long Term Evolution (LTE).

November 3, 2010 by in Mobility

Panasonic Avionics agrees to pay $137m fine

Panasonic Avionics Corp, which develops in-flight communication systems and products for airlines, has agreed to pay a $137.4 million criminal penalty after being accused of corrupt practices by the US Department of Justice.

May 2, 2018 in Legal

Telstra to pay AU$10 million fine

The Australian Federal Court has ordered Telstra to pay AU$10 million in penalties for making false or misleading representations to consumers on the management of its premium direct billing (PDB) services.

April 27, 2018 in Mobility

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