Hyperloop One can now hit 190mph, eyes Europe for more testing

Hyperloop One can now hit 190mph, eyes Europe for more testing Hyperloop One has completed the first successful DevLoop test track run of its levitating passenger pod, XP-1. *** It glided over the tracks for 300m, hitting a top speed of 190mph, before braking and stopping at 437m. *** That's the highest speed yet for Hyperloop One, but it's not as fast as some of today's maglev trains. *** With an additional 2,000m, Hyperloop One’s co-founders say it could have achieved the 700mph it is targeting. *** Hyperloop One is just one of the firms attempting to prove Elon Musk's vision for a rapid mass transport system. *** Musk released a design for his maglev system in a 2013 paper called Hyperloop Alpha. *** The carbon-fiber XP-1 pod is 8.7m long, 2.7m wide, and 2.4m tall. It’s meant to carry passengers and cargo. *** The company told ZDNet that it expects to start testing Hyperloop technology in Europe by this September. *** It has nominated nine potential links in Europe, including routes in: *** Germany, Estonia-Finland, Spain-Morocco, Corsica-Sardinia, the Netherlands, Poland, UK Scotland-Wales, UK Northern Arc, and UK North-South Connector.

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