10 weirdest iPad accessories (updated)

If you ever wanted proof that the Apple accessory ecosystem is booming, look no further than the iMaxi (for the iPad) or the bacon case. If neither of them do it for you, here are eight more...

Electronic House has rounded up ten of the kookiest iPad accessories out there.

Among them are some pretty far-out ideas, including the probably inevitable iMaxi, various types of iClothing (including shirts and vests), and several crazy iPad bags and mounts.

Some items on the list like the suction base and the iGrip, (which mounts the iPad to the rear of your car's headrest) aren't weird at all -- in fact, they could be quite useful.

The undisputed king of the weird category however, is the iPad bacon case ($59, pictured), which I'm ordering immediately. Perhaps the ultimate iPad accessory surprisingly didn't make it onto the list -- Velcro.

You can read the full list is at Electronic House.

Have you purchased any accessories for your iPad?

Update: A couple more for the list: the Macintosh Plus iPad, and the iCade, an old school iPad arcade game stand (pictured below).