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12 Days of ‘Staircase Wit’ for 2013 (Day 9)

Rather than end the year with a ‘best of’ list or predictions for 2014, I’ll be delivering 12 days of holiday gifts to you in the form of treppenwitz: all the afterthoughts I had all year.

Treppenwitz or perhaps more correctly ‘l’esprit de l’escalier’ is the expression for when you think of the perfect thing to say, but long after the moment you should have said it. In this series of blogs I given myself a second chance to comment or correct topics I’ve covered this year.


S is for Speculation

Like so many commentators, I laid out my predictions for the next iPhone. How did I do?

Name: 5S
S stands for: Security
Security = fingerprint scanner

So I claim a home run (or hitting it for six) on my predictions. But given all the leaked info ahead of time, perhaps it’s not so impressive.

Calculate Your Potential Mobile Savings

September also saw the most popular post of the year (so far) with our interactive web tool for calculating how much your operation could save from going mobile. The original version of the calculator only supported a few currencies. We’ve since updated it to include:



Dollar US



Danish Krone

Great British Pound

Russian Ruble

Saudi Arabian Riyal

South African Rand

Swedish Krona Swiss Franc

UAE Dirham 

Brazilian Real

Columbian Peso

Mexican Peso 

Australian Dollar

Chinese Yuan

Hong Kong Dollar

Indian Rupee

Japanese Yen

Singapore Dollar

South Korean Won

Not Mobile Commerce, But Mobile Consumer

Here’s another update to a great online interactive tool. The mobile consumer trend report contained so much info, we created a web-based summary here. We’ve since published a number of local versions of the site:

My personal favourite is the Japanese site, as I am a self-confessed Otaku, and so love seeing anything of mine in Japanese.