2000 Roundups: The year that was

Wanna see the entire Roundups collection ZDNet has cooked up to keep you going over the festive period? Here's everything at a glance...

2000 Roundup: Broadband comes to Britain - eventually 2000 Roundup: Everybody loves Linux 2000 Roundup: August is hot for health 2000 Roundup: The dot-com bubble pops 2000 Roundup: The dangers of chatrooms exposed 2000 Roundup: Weird and wonderful 2000 Roundup: Privacy under attack 2000 Roundup: Cybercrime goes global 2000 Roundup: Chips broke 1GHz, but market yawned 2000 Roundup: The 12 Nuggets of Christmas 2000 Roundup: Government tries (hard) to get online 2000 Roundup: Big Brother craze hits Britain 2000 Roundup: 2000 Roundup: A Year of unmetered access? COMMENT Not the new millennium
Once upon a time, starry-eyed futurologists predicted we'd be floating around on jetpacks in the year 2000. Money, illness and governments would be abolished, space stations would orbit the Earth and a new age of peace and contentment would be well under way. Well, Rupert Goodwins is here to put you in the picture as to what actually went on in the year 2000. 2001 -- the year ahead
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