2011's most intriguing biz apps cover sports, tacos, luxury hotels

Some of the most intriguing business applications of 2011 included programs for exotic dancer management to cataloging rare spirits and wines.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

TrackVia, a Denver-based company that helps business customers build their own Software-as-a-Service applications, has proved that not all business are necessarily boring with a recent recap of 2011.

Sure, sometimes reading about and working on collaboration and productivity apps can be dry (even if they're social, in the cloud, blah, blah, etc., etc.).

But take a look at the apps compiled on TrackVia's list of the 10 most intriguing business applications of 2011 built on TrackVia's platform.

TrackVia reps assert that more than 90 percent of customers use its platform to replace an existing department or enterprise application to save money, time or build a customized solution. The most common business applications developed using TrackVia focus on sales management, inventory tracking, customer service, project management, and even just moving Excel spreadsheets to a more "effective" program.

The following apps certainly fall within these categories, and some of them might spark ideas and innovation at your company if you're looking to build an app that fulfills similar tasks.

Here's the rundown on what each of these apps covered:

  1. Exotic dancer management for booking parties and clubs
  2. Tracking noise complaints by neighbors of television studios
  3. Catching crooks dealing counterfeit online goods
  4. An online archive of rare and historical wines and spirits in France
  5. Tracking guest complaints at an international luxury hotel line
  6. Overstock car inventory maintenance and storage
  7. A national survey of financial brokers
  8. College football scouting and recruitment
  9. An app for free taco days at Colorado Rockies games
  10. Endurance race event coordination

For further details about each of these applications, read up about them over on TrackVia's list.


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