2012 in review, looking ahead to CES (MobileTechRoundup show #286)

2012 was an exciting year in the mobile space and there are a couple of companies and platforms I am particularly interested in following in 2013. This MoTR show wraps up our thoughts for 2012 with some predictions for CES in 2013.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

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It's the last show of the year for MoTR and as you can hear in MobileTechRoundup show #286 we wrapped up 2012 with thoughts on different mobile platforms and also looked ahead to CES and 2013 Topics discussed include:

  • CES preview: What we expect
  • 2012 wrap-up thoughts: Surprises, winners, losers
  • NFC tagging: What is it good for?
  • T-Mobile Note II updated with multi-window too
  • iOS vs. Android: Is one better for phones and one better for tablets?
  • BlackBerry 10 is looking good — Is there still time, or is this a two-horse race?
  • Chevy Volt update: Kevin is rolling along with his electric car
  • Kevin finally discovered one of the best free apps: TuneIn Radio
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