23 minute video walk thru and Q&A about the KIN Windows Phone

The new KIN Windows Phone devices appeal to both of my teen daughters and I think they will seriously challenge the feature phone QWERTY keyboard devices currently on the market. They are not designed to challenge the iPhone or high end smartphones, but they offer more than the typical feature phone.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I was able to get some good hands-on time with the KIN ONE and KIN TWO today at the local KIN launch event in Redmond with a couple other local journalists. John Starkweather, from the Microsoft KIN team, spent a lot of time answering our questions and showing off the devices and functionality. I captured the 23 minute video below of most of this time and think you may enjoy seeing more than what I showed in my own hands-on time video. John answered questions or showed us the social networking services that are supported, battery life, Zune integration and more.

I showed both of my teenage daughters the videos and the KIN website and they both said they would love to have the KIN TWO. My oldest currently uses a Sidekick 3 and my middle daughter uses a Samsung Gravity so they both prefer larger QWERTY keyboard devices. They said they would rather sacrifice a bit of size to get the larger KIN TWO display and expressed no real interest in the KIN ONE form factor. It will be interesting to see how the public adopts these devices and I think with the focus on touch lately the larger display model may do much better. Just about everyone of my daughters' friends has QWERTY keyboard feature phones and this is right where the KIN fits in so I imagine many Verizon teens will end up buying these soon.

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