2nd Watch earns new Amazon cloud competency

The cloud service provider currently recognizes consulting partners in two areas, Big Data and Managed Services.

2nd Watch, one of 15 integration and services companies that holds the Amazon Web Services (AWS) elite Premier Consulting Partner designation , has earned the cloud service provider's Managed Service Provider competency

Amazon grants competency designations to consulting partners that demonstrate a particular proficiency in certain areas. This badge of honor, so to speak, attests to an integrator's demonstrated customer success for those services as well as its technical expertise. There are currently two competency areas:

Big Data - Recognizing partners that help businesses "evaluate and use the tools, techniques, and technologies of working with data productively, at any scale."

Managed Service Providers - For integrators that can fully manage a customer's AWS infrastructure, along with the associated databases and applications.

2nd Watch sells three levels of managed services, offering proactive management and infrastructure optimization. It currently manages more than 60,000 AWS instances across the United States.

One of its customers is Red Lion Hotels. "Working with 2nd Watch has been great because they really understand what Amazon Web Services is all about," said Gordy Dhatt, the company's vice president of technology, in a statement. "With their managed services, we can take our minds off of the day-to-day nuts and bolts and really function at the level of the application and find improvements for business rather than just improvements for technology."