3G for business: Orange takes a bite

Orange's announcement that it is launching a 3G datacard gives mobile workers even more choices for staying connected on the move

After years of hype around 3G, mobile operators are finally beginning to deliver on the promise of ubiquitous, high-speed Internet access. As Orange announces its own third-generation datacard, hot on the heels of Vodafone, mobile workers have some more substantial but expensive alternatives to the patchy coverage offered by Wi-Fi.

Orange unpeels 3G plans
The mobile operator has pipped T-Mobile by setting the date for the release of its 3G data card and handsets

Vodafone 3G brews Java boost
Sun's cellphone software will enhance Vodafone's high-speed wireless network in Europe, the companies announced at the JavaOne conference

A 3G data card for your Mac?
Brief: IBook and Powerbook users currently can't use the UK's only 3G data service, but Vodafone is working on a fix

Global 3G data roaming comes closer
IP Wireless' new chipset could allow business users to have high-speed wireless access to the Internet around the world - if operators upgrade their 3G networks

The connection conundrum: 3G or Wi-Fi?
Vendors insist third generation mobile and Wi-Fi hot spots are complementary technologies, while analysts claim that for IT professionals, it's decision time again

Operators signal 3G watershed
As Vodafone and T-Mobile launch 3G services in the UK, with the other operators soon to follow suit, we're likely to see a broader range of services for business

Mobile industry looks ahead to 4G
Third-generation mobile technology has arrived, duly accompanied by a barrage of hype. But the industry is already discussing the next big thing - 4G

Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS datacard
Vodafone's Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS datacard is the first product in the UK to provide a fast mobile data service via a third-generation (3G) network. It consists of a Type II PC Card with a SIM slot, installation software on a CD, and a detachable aerial that plugs into the card to give improved reception.