3M wants a Post-it Note on every desktop

3M today announced an electronic version of Post-it Notes, aiming to use its brand name to gain market dominance.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

Post-it Software Notes are created by clicking on a dispenser which remains on the screen. Notes can be edited, printed and saved as text files. The product differs from others in offering date and time stamps, alarms and multiple memo 'notice boards'. Post-it Notes are OLE objects, allowing them to be embedded and edited within documents. The UK English product will be available from January, retailing at around £20.

"We want to have a Post-it Software Notes dispenser on every desktop in the world," said Annie L'excellent, 3M market development manager. "It has to be easy to use," added Marty Kenner, 3M software specialist. "I don't need an instruction manual to tell me how to write something down, tear a paper off and stick it down. That's what we want here."

In concert with the 3M release, connectivity software specialist Wall Data today launched a special version of its flagship e-mail product which incorporates Post-It Software Notes. Rumba Mail allows users to send Post-It notes using networks and multiple e-mail systems and embed documents within the notes. Users can also send mail from within applications.

Rumba Mail Featuring Post-it Software Notes is available from the end of November and will cost from £26 + VAT per user for an Internet version to £99 + VAT per user for a multiple mail systems version.

3M can be contacted by telephone on 01344-858000. Wall Data can be contacted by telephone on 0181-476 5000.

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