A Bigger Solution in the Human Capital space

Mercer has created a significant, large talent management solution that should appeal to large enterprises.
Written by Brian Sommer, Contributor on

Mercer Human Capital Connect

Katherine Jones and I got a deep dive from the folks at Mercer the other day. Their Human Capital Connect solution was the focus of the conversation.

In a nutshell, Mercer is now offering a fairly complete Human Capital Management solution. It is achieving some of this via a technology deal it has done involving the Peopleclick Authoria products.

This solution allows Mercer to take an employee from the time they are hired and support them throughout their tenure with an employer. The Human Capital Connect solution fills in a number of technology pieces to Mercer’s now more complete solution set. This permits Mercer to sell a more substantial and more complete end-to-end talent management process solution to clients.

The new solution has the following capabilities: - Talent management solution assessment - TM solution blueprint - Rapid design workshop - Peopleclick Authoria technology o Competencies o Evaluations and scheduling o Succession planning o Talent pools/profiles o Talent gaps o Salary management o Decision support/analytics o Pay for performance o Stock planning o Performance/compensation alignment - Mercer intellectual property o Decision guides o Competency models/role profiles o Dashboards o Succession management

Mercer now possesses a far more formidable solution set. The addition of the technology components complements their intellectual property, outsourcing and other solution pieces. Moreover, it provides more of a one-stop shop for those firms wanting to deal with one (not several) human capital solution provider. While not every buyer yearns for one-stop shopping, the majority of large enterprise buyers usually do. They want one throat to choke while getting the convenience of an integrated offering. In an era replete with numerous point solutions in human capital, the move to larger, integrated solutions may be quite welcome in some spaces. It may even herald a new era of M&A activity in the space, again, for those solutions that target larger enterprises.

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