A computer at the tip of your tongue

British inventor wants to give users 'tongue control' over their PCs.

Ever wanted to get just that little bit more intimate with your computer? Well, now you can thanks to a sensuous new device that allows a computer to be operated with the use of a tongue.

Madcap British inventor, Qin Gang, is looking for companies to fund this invention which he claims gives a person's tongue total control over the cursor on their computer.

It consists of a head attachment and an electronic wire directly connected to the end of the tongue. Anyone concerned that this might make talking slightly difficult, not to mention dangerous, will no doubt be reassured by Gang's press release. It reads, "Can people talk when the stick is in their mouth? The answer is yes, if the stick is thin enough. Try putting a match stick in your mouth and talking on the phone, you will see the result."

Go on, try it...