A greener way to shovel snow

The Sno Wovel throws the snow off your driveway without throwing out your back.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

I don't really want to think about snow right now, but soon enough it will be here and I'll be trying to figure out where to throw it off our wraparound driveway without completely throwing out my back. I'm the shovel person, while my hubbies mans the snow blower. (Yes, I know, don't go there.)

Anyway, I am absolutely the target market for a new snow-removal device from Structured Solutions II call the Sno Wovel. (Yes, I know, don't go there.) Actually despite the rather weird name, this thing is pretty cleverly designed. It is essentially a combo wheel barrel shovel with handles. You push the snow away from you, instead of lifting it and messing up your lower back. So, it throws the snow like a blower would, but it doesn't run on diesel.

Here's a photo.

No, this is not me.

The Sno Wovel costs about $120 if you buy it online from the company's web site, which also has two videos: one that demonstrates how you use it and another that demonstrates how you take it apart to put it away.

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