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A Safer World with Sagem

To streamline and optimize operations, Sagem migrated its SAP Business Warehouse application to the SAP HANA platform with support from SAP MaxAttention.


From avionics to flight controls, Sagem helps protect the people who protect so many of us. Sagem offers advanced solutions in air-land battle, space digitization, avionics equipment and systems, and over 1500 naval and aircraft electronics and critical software specialists. Operating across the globe through the Safran International Network, Sagem and its subsidiaries employ 7,500 people in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and South America.

To streamline production by increasing operational efficiency, Sagem migrated its SAP Business Warehouse application to the SAP HANA platform with support provided by SAP MaxAttention. Customers literally trust their lives in the Sagem brand, therefore the equipment must be efficient, cutting-edge, and able to run flexible fast reporting with quick access to data. 

With its SAP engagement, Sagem has improved:


The company now has more accurate, detailed, and granular production reporting. Also, now Sagem has analysis capabilities for smarter, faster decision making. 

For more information on Sagem’s engagement with SAP, check out the Sagem Customer Journey.

In the aerospace and defense industry, system downtime and business disruptions are inexcusable. To ensure a safe implementation and launch, Sagem turned to the SAP Active Global Support organization. Thierry Milhe, CIO of Sagem noted, “I have never seen such a successful project in terms of planning.  It was delivered on time, notably thanks to SAP MaxAttention services.”  

With Sagem partnering with SAP, its employees are more productive, increasing safety and security for soldiers and civilians alike.

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