A sharp new look for Ikea's gourmet treats

Swedish furniture giant Ikea partners with Stockholm Design Lab to revamp its gourmet food line with sleek, minimalist new packaging.
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Ikea has re-branded the packaging of its gourmet food using the sleek Scandinavian sensibilities of Stockholm Design Lab. The new look is minimalist and text-heavy, relying on simple icons to do show what's inside. The Swedish delicacies, even the canned fish, look incredibly appealing.

Ikea went to SDL after the company had unified all of its food and catering companies under the Ikea brand, giving the food a more coherent look, while also staying consistent with the Ikea design theme. Their new Swedish Food Market was created to enhance Ikea's identity as a Swedish company despite its vast international reach.

Ikea insisted that the Stockholm Design Lab elusively use Verdana, the font used in all other Ikea text. All products were required to also have their Swedish language labels, giving the designers the challenge of making the labels easy to understand for Ikea's many, many non-Swedish customers.  This is where the simple pictures become important, to attract foodies curious about different food cultures, particularly Sweden's.

Not to say that they are tricking anyone into wanting marinated can fish, but this certainly would make one more curious to try something out of their comfort zone. The design has been so well received that it won the gold at Cannes Design.

More photos of the repackaging below!

Images: Stockholm Design Lab

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