A U.S. Version of the Satyam Scandal? Washington D.C. IT Fraud?

Early into 2009 and we already have a winner!I just saw this on the news this evening.
Written by Brian Sommer, Contributor

Early into 2009 and we already have a winner!

I just saw this on the news this evening. Apparently, a couple of Washington D.C. technology types are being investigated and/or arrested by the FBI for perpetrating an IT and financial fraud on the local District of Columbia government.

You really need to read the entire MSNBC article but this much should whet your appetite:

Authorities say Acar and Bansal, along with others, defrauded the government through a variety of schemes, including billing the city for items that were never delivered and "ghost" contract employees who did not work. The scheme involved Acar approving falsified bills and splitting the money with vendors including Bansal, who submitted them, court documents alleged.

To add to the drama, one of the people involved in the case is a recent appointee to the Obama administration.

So, let’s recap. Like the Satyam case, we have a political connection, falsified records, a Federal governmental body investigating the case and other similarities. Non-existent employees were one of the original allegations leveled at Satyam executives (although the Indian government prosecutor appears to have backed away from that claim).

I’d say we’re on our way to a big stateside scandal right here in the USA and to make it more decadent, it’s in the nation’s capital to boot.

What other surprises can 2009 bring?

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