A Year Ago: ECTS - Lara sweeps Awards, Eidos shares soar

This story first appeared Tue, 9 Sep 1997 16:08:26 GMT

Lara Croft swept the board at last night's ECTS awards dinner in London with Tomb Raider picking up four key prizes. The Eidos Interactive smash hit took the prize for Marketing Campaign of the year and PC Game of the year. Developer of the year went to TR's authors - Core Design, with Eidos also picking up the prize for Publisher of the Year.

Eidos's Ian Livingstone told the gathering "Some people say Eidos is a one product company - well let me tell you, after Tomb Raider, there'll be Tomb Raider II".

Eidos' share price leapt 95p yesterday, hitting around 770p at close of play. The shares have climbed steadily from around 450p a fortnight ago, said a spokeswoman for the firm. She added a contributing factor was likely to have been the firm's announcement of Tomb Raider II, which is to be launched in November.

In other awards, Nintendo picked up two prizes, one for console of the year for the N64, and the other for the N64 version of Super Mario, Reference product of the year went to Microsoft for Encarta '97, Hardware product of the year to Voodoo for the 3Dfx chip set.

The ECTS Awards are selected by a poll of European computer magazines. At a well attended dinner, where the drink flowed, the conversations around the table struck a positive tone -- with most company's feeling positive about the prospects for games sales as we move towards the main selling season for computer and video games.