A Year Ago: Intel sues Cyrix, AMD over MMX name

This story first published March 17, 1997

Intel is throwing the law books at x86 chip rivals Cyrix and AMD again, this time over use of the MMX name.

On Friday, Intel filed suit in a US District Court, claiming its rivals have "begun implementing strategies to improperly leverage Intel's enormous investment in the MMX trademark" and suggesting that this "could result in confusion in the minds of consumers", according to a press release.

Intel has not yet succeeded in trademarking the MMX term but says it must begin protecting it now if its claim is to be taken seriously.

"We're going to defend any suit Intel throws at us but as of Friday we had not been served with a writ," said Cyrix UK managing director Brendan Sherry.

Intel has a long history of legal tussles with fellow chip makers, including a failed attempt to sue over the x86 naming convention.