Abbott: NBN plans crazier than Whitlam

In his maiden speech yesterday, new leader of the opposition Tony Abbott panned the Labor Government for its National Broadband Network, stating: "Not even Gough Whitlam would be as crazy as that."
Written by Jacquelyn Holt, Contributor on

in brief In his maiden speech as opposition leader yesterday, Tony Abbott panned the Labor Federal Government for pursuing its $43 billion National Broadband Network project, stating: "Not even Gough Whitlam would be as crazy as that."

Abbott said in general that the nation had witnessed "an incredible waste of money" in terms of government spending over the past several years under Labor. "A waste of money that has been worse than Whitlam," he added.

The opposition leader has vowed to actively oppose the Federal Government on matters ranging from the NBN, ETS and other abbreviated plans.

The shadow communications ministry opposing Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is still up in the air after incumbent Nick Minchin resigned last week in rejection of the then-Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull. Minchin has not publicly sought to be re-appointed to the role, but has said he will stand by whatever decision Abbott makes in relation to the position.

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