Accenture launching Silicon Valley center for social media innovation

Accenture is keen on promoting social media for enterprise work with the launch of a new innovation center based in Silicon Valley.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Social media continues to find its way into the enterprise world, and some tech giants have taken advantage of these platforms for collaboration and productivity. Just look at Salesforce's Chatter, Cisco Quad, LinkedIn  and possibly even a new network from the makers of Twitter.

To get things moving faster, Accenture is launching a new program to spur the development and adoption of social media solutions for enterprise. Aptly named the Accenture Enterprise Social Media Innovation Center, the initiative is intended to help clients use social media capabilities more effectively for their business purposes.

Objectives include aiding large businesses to recognized the opportunities for collaboration, reduced cycle times and forming online project teams across marketing, sales, service and operations channels. But, naturally, in the end the goal is to find ways to use social media in order to serve customers better.

Kevin Campbell, group chief executive of technology at Accenture, explained in a statement:

Social media is redefining the way businesses interact with their customers and employees...

Combining Accenture’s business consulting, technology integration and delivery expertise with our managed services capabilities, the practice focuses on the delivery and implementation of social media capabilities for enterprise clients around the world.

Accenture will be working with Salesforce along with other social media leaders for developing and demonstrating first-to-market solutions.

The brick-and-mortar headquarters will be located at the the Accenture Technology Lab in Silicon Valley, the Accenture Enterprise and satellite innovation centers will be scattered around the world. These centers will also host workshops to help clients create and plan out their visions on how to use social media in their enterprises.


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