Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

Adobe announces six new touchscreen optimized apps for tablets, including Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android.
Written by Janice Chen, Inactive

Adobe Photoshop Express was one of the first apps I downloaded when I bought my iPad, but there it's languished virtually unused after the first week of playing around with it. A cute little freebie, it was no Photoshop (or even Photoshop lite for that matter), giving you a just handful of preset effects and tools, and only minimal control over them. Well, tablet-wielding photo enthusiasts now have something to cheer about: Adobe has just announced Photoshop Touch, a new touchscreen app developed for tablets that works more like the real thing, allowing you to combine photos into layered images and use finger gestures to control familiar Photoshop tools and effects.

Adobe Photoshop Touch will be available for Android devices in November, but iPad users will have to wait until early 2012 for an iOS version. It will sell for just $10, so don't expect a full-fledged version of Photoshop or anything (hey, it's a tablet app). Still, it looks like Adobe has put together a great tool that takes good advantage of the touchscreen interface as well as the connected nature of tablets to allow easy sharing of photos on Facebook, for example, or via the new Adobe Creative Cloud hub that the company also announced today for viewing, sharing, and syncing images among your various computing devices.

The app comes with a number of built-in tutorials that explain everything you need to know to use it. You can select images to work on from your own photo albums on the tablet, download images from the Creative Cloud, get images from your camera, or download them directly from Google or Facebook. The Google option is particularly useful -- you can search for images by keywords and/or by color, and even by copyright usage rights, allowing you to quickly and easily select images you can reuse commercially and/or reuse with modification (pretty slick).

Once you select your image, you can access a range of familiar tools with the touch of a finger or stylus, edit your images, and apply various adjustments and effects. There are also plenty of tablet-specific enhancements, such as the Scribble Selection Tool, which lets you extract objects from your image by scribbling on what to keep and what to remove.

In addition to Photoshop Touch, Adobe also announced five other touchscreen enabled apps for tablets -- which it calls Adobe Touch Apps -- including:

All six of the new Adobe Touch Apps will be available for Android devices in November for $9.99 (with iOS versions expected in early 2012).

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