Adware industry falling apart?

Pesach Lattin of AdBUMb thinks so and he has some very strong points to back up his reasoning.

So says Pesach Lattin of AdBUMb.  He makes a number of very bold statements about the wrong doings of adware companies and the consequences they could be facing.  Excerpts:

Let’s make it clear: it is no longer a question that numerous adware companies have engaged in practices that are not only unethical but most likely illegal.

This is no longer in the realm of a few "nutcases" complaining about annoyances, but a serious issue of invading people’s computers without permission. Thousands of pages of proof now exists on how software is being installed on people’s computers without permission, how viruses are being used, how kids are being tricked into installing software and much much more.

The simple fact is that if companies really wanted to prevent their distributors from illegally distributing their software, they could.

He concludes with a message to the adware companies:

For the adware companies who are engaged in these actions, I have nothing else to say. I just heard that the founder of one of the companies mentioned in the links above has left the country out of fear of possible prosecution. I expect that many others of you will have to do the same thing or face jail time or much worse: facing up to the mobs of consumers who will soon be pounding at your door. Don’t expect to get away with this for much longer. I will say it again, so there is no doubt: what you are doing is UNETHICAL and often ILLEGAL.

I recommend you read the article in its entirely.