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There is a torrent of information available on Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.

There is a torrent of information available on Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 technologies available to inquiring minds, but making sense of it all is another matter.

As is so often the case, the more information you find, the harder it can be to get an clear idea of what an accurate snapshot of the state of things is. This is often particularly difficult in relation to your specific needs.

Traditionally analysts have made a lot of noise around subjects, releasing public statements as teasers for their more detailed - and expensive - reports.

An exception to this is AIIM, a non-profit organization focused on helping users understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content, records, and business processes.

AIIM release their 'Market IQ' reports every quarter at no cost ( they are underwritten by various sponsors).

As Dan Keldsen, AIIM Director of Market Intelligence discusses in the video above, their 'Market IQ on Enterprise 2.0', explores their study of 441 end users. AIIM found that a majority of organizations recognize Enterprise 2.0 as critical to the success of their business goals and objectives, but that most do not have a clear understanding of what Enterprise 2.0 is.

* 44% of respondents indicated that Enterprise 2.0 is imperative or significant to corporate goals and objectives * Another 27% positioned Enterprise 2.0 as having average impact on business goals and success. * 74% stated they have only a vague familiarity or no clear understanding of Enterprise 2.0.

The 80+ page report is a free download here and covers Enterprise 2.0 from all perspectives including technology, business drivers and market dynamics.

The above appears counter intuitive but in fact provides good information on the ambiguities around finding appropriate usage models in the enterprise. As Dan says in the video clip above (shot at teh Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston), adoption is led by individuals until consistent strategies and tactics are introduced company wide. Unifying this ad hoc usage into a single collaboration initiative greatly increases power and efficiency.

AIIM Findability Report

Launching later this week is another free report from AIIM, 'Market IQ on Findability'.

Search is a particularly thorny problem in the enterprise across multiple applications, and AIIM have found that 82% of their research targets report that their experience with the “consumer Web” has created demand for improved enterprise findability.

Regardless of Enterprise 2.0, finding information and files in enterprise content management systems - the area AIIM has focused on for their 60 year history - is a huge problem. Whether it's filing cabinets or Sharepoint, organizing stuff is fundamental to collaboration efficiency.

Searching silos is not the most efficient way to work - I'm looking forward to digesting AIIMs findability findings...


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