AK considers webcasting legislative sessions

Plan meets with approval in House but likely to falter in state Senate.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor on
The Arkansas House and Senate are considering a measure broadcast legislative sessions over the Internet, and the measure got a thumbs up from a key committee yesterday, the Arkansas News Bureau reports.

It's unlikely the state senate will go for the measure, however.

"The mood of the Senate is not really happy about this," the bill's sponsor, Rep. Eric Harris, a Republican, said during the House Rules Committee Wednesday.

"I do have a couple of senators who have talked to me about this and I think at some point (Senate approval) should be a possibility, but I think that debate is going to have to happen in the other end if we can send it back to them," he said.

Rep. Pam Adcock, a Democrat, said having both houses webcast would educate people that the Senate has to pass bills as well as the House before they become law.
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