Alcatel-Lucent offers view of stabilizing Skype and other high-bandwidth traffic

Here at Fall Von 2007 we now have Paul Mankiewich, CTO for North America Alcatel-Lucent.His speech is entitled "The Network-'a plumber's view.

Here at Fall Von 2007 we now have Paul Mankiewich, CTO for North America Alcatel-Lucent.

His speech is entitled "The Network-'a plumber's view.'

Paul points that: 

The network will become more mesh-like. The major trends, you don't see the major telecoms on it.

YouTube is 25% of all http traffic.

Goal: "The "converged" end user is not aware of the network."

The telcos will have to work with the market. Things are going to be in mesh form. A lot ofmashup technologies going on. What is gong on putting many more types ofboxes in the network, making sure it gets to you.

The trend toward mesh-shaped structures is a driver for

  • More symmetric network usage
  • Direct network connectivity between access ISPs.
  • Distributed services environment

BitTorrent steady-state performance independent of system load but comparatively poor.

Lists modern content dissemination techniques set fort players at various layers:

  • Network providers such as AT&T and BT
  • Overlay providers such as Akamai
  • Application-specific providers such as Joost, Skype Google.

Conflicting objectives.

So we use Multi-Player InteractionProblem game theory to bypass the problem through hostile networks.

More on that later... 


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