Altec Lansing's Custom Series ear buds are built custom to fit your ears

An audiophile's dream, Altec Lansing's Custom Series earbuds are built custom for customers' ears.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

One of the biggest problems with ear buds is that they rarely seem to fit in your ears nearly as well as they should.

Fortunately, Alec Lansing has a fix. Via manufacturer ACS Custom, Alec Lansing's Custom Series solve the problem of ill-fitting buds in probably the best way possible: by fitting them to your ears. Once customers purchase the ear buds, Altec Lansing will refer them to a local pre-qualified audiologist who will create molds of their ears. ACS Custom will then use that mold to create the proper headphones with the proper fit.

Made from medical-grade silicone, the Custom Series In-Ear Monitors create a seal in the user's ear, which Altec Lansing says both isolates noise and makes wearing the devices far more tolerable over long periods. Altec Lansing maintains that the custom fit of the headphones will improve not only their fit, but their sound quality as well.

With Kevlar-reinforced cables and ambitious audio quality, it isn't much of a surprise to see that the Custom Series is on the expensive side. Altec Lansing is offering a trio of options, from the $999 A3 to the slightly cheaper A2 and A1 models, which sell for $749 and $499, respectively. Each model number indicates the number of armature drivers the devices are equipped with-- a relationship, as you might expect, that correlates with its relative level of audio quality.

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