Amazon Web Services intros gateway for backing up enterprise data

Amazon has debuted a new service that provides enterprises with a new option to securely upload data to Amazon Web Services cloud space.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Amazon Web Services has launched a new storage gateway for automatically backing up enterprise data stored on its cloud space.

Amazon is touting its new storage gateway as an easy but secure way to accomplish this as it doesn't require any new hardware on the part of the user, nor it is supposed to require the work of many IT employees.

All that is really installed is a new on-premises software appliance that acts as a "gateway" between your business applications and storage infrastructure.

From there, the gateway takes regular snapshots of your enterprise data, which is uploaded to Amazon S3 using SSL protocol.

Overall, it would seem that Amazon is targeting smaller to mid-sized businesses here with limited resources when it comes to hardware, IT staffing, and even the budget.

There is a monthly subscription rate for each gateway, which is $125 per month per installed gateway. But otherwise, it's a pay-as-you-go model (meaning you only pay for the space you consume) at $0.14 per gigabyte per month.

Each gateway can support up to 12 volumes and a total of 12 TB of storage. Customers can opt for multiple gateways per account and have the choice for storing data at one of the AWS data centers in the United States, Japan, or Europe.

However, there are other aspects to the storage gateway service that would entice larger businesses, such as the IT-Lifeline, which provides data vaulting and disaster recovery services designed for industries such as finance and healthcare.

For a closer look at the new AWS storage gateway, check out the promo clip below. For even finer, nitty-gritty details about this solution, check out the Amazon Web Services blog.


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