AMD throws support behind MeeGo project

The company has said it will lend engineering and technical knowledge to the Meego mobile operating system, to open up new markets for its accelerated processing units

AMD said on Monday that it has joined the MeeGo open-source Linux project to become more involved with the mobile operating system.

According to AMD, it will offer engineering and technical know-how to the effort. MeeGo is a next-generation mobile operating system.

MeeGo image

AMD has thrown its support behind the MeeGo operating system. Photo credit:

AMD said that working on MeeGo will help it "create expanded market opportunities for our forthcoming accelerated processing units (APUs)". At its analyst meeting last week, AMD talked up its APUs and prospects for mobile computing. MeeGo, designed for ultra-mobile notebooks, tablets, smartphones and embedded systems, is run by the Linux Foundation.

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