AMD working on 48-core processor

Codenamed Starship, the server chip will be feature 7-nanometer architecture.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

AMD is working on a 48-core server chip codenamed Starship, according to a rumor reported by Fudzilla.

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The chip will be manufactured using 7-nanometer architecture, and is expected to come to market in 2018, a year after the 32-core 14-nanometer FinFET Naples chips are scheduled to land.

The top-end 48-core Starship chip will support 96 threads, and there will be versions with fewer cores that will make their way into more reasonably priced desktop and server.

TDPs for these chips are expected to range from 35W to 180W.

The important takeaways here are:

  • AMD is clearly going for an impressively aggressive roadmap
  • A 48-core server chip is going to turn heads
  • If this rumor is true, then AMD is planning to jump from 14-nanometer right down to 7-nanometer, skipping over 10-nanometer, which is on Intel's roadmaps.
  • The idea that chips based on 7-nanometer architecture will land in 2018 is pretty exciting.

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