America's most tech-friendly airports

PCWorld looked at the 40 busiest U.S. airports to determine which are the most friendly to tech-savvy travelers.
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We've all been there: you're about to board a flight, you're computer/tablet/smartphone is almost out of juice and you're scrambling from gate to gate to find a spare outlet.

Despite our increasing reliance on digital devices, America's airport terminals continue to be woefully unprepared to accommodate the tech traveler. A recent study by PC World evaluated the amenities of America's 40 busiest airports to determine which were the most digitally friendly.

So what were the top ten airports overall?

  • 1. Dallas-Ft. Worth
  • 2. New York (JFK)
  • 3. Atlanta
  • 4. Detroit
  • 5. Sacramento
  • 6. Oakland
  • 7. New York (LaGuardia)
  • 8. Salt Lake City
  • 9. Baltimore-Washington
  • 10. San Francisco

The survey considered things like the average number of electrical outlets per gate, the average number of USB ports per gate, The availability of charging stations and workspaces, and Wi-Fi and Cellular service speeds.

Overall, the study found that few airports ranked well across all categories, even if they did well in specific areas.

Readers, in your experience what do you think are the most tech-friendly airports?

All I can say is, with the holiday travel season upon us, I for one will make sure to charge up my various devices before leaving for the airport.

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