An affordable 3D printer that makes larger objects

Desktop 3D printers just keep getting better and cheaper.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

3D printing at home on a budget is great if you just want to print small objects. Even some of the top 3D printers don't have large baseplates to maximize the build volume of your creations. But that's starting to change with the gMax 3D printer.

The gMax is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and offers designers 16'' x 16'' x 9'' of build volume, with a price tag between $1,095 and $1,295. For context, the Cubify CubeX, at $2,499 has a build volume of 10.8"x10.45"x9.5", Fast Company reports.

Why so cheap? Many of the parts can be printed using another 3D printer, cutting manufacturing costs. More details here:

It's impressive to see how much innovation is happening in the 3D printing industry to address concerns and criticism of desktop 3D printers. Take this "microfactory" 3D printer, for example, which addresses 3D printing's plastic-only problem. But I guess it shouldn't be surprising considering these are makers we're talking about.

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