An iPhone case that doubles as a stun gun

Yellow Jacket, a startup based in Louisiana, has developed an iPhone that protects you from would-be attackers. Oh yeah, and it also charges your phone.

A typical iPhone case has a pretty standard job to fulfill: protect the device. One startup has expanded the role of the lowly iPhone case by incorporating a stun gun into the design.

Innovation within smartphone cases has largely centered on durability, design and other features that improve the security of the device.

Yellow Jacket, a startup based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has created a case with a broader security purpose in mind: protect the phone and its user.

The idea, and ultimate creation, of a stun gun smartphone case was triggered after its inventor Seth Froom was robbed at gunpoint. Froom, a former soldier in the U.S. Army, had firearms in his home and even owned a fake cell phone stun gun. But none of those were in reach as the attack unfolded.

Concealed within the protective case is a stun gun that delivers 650,000 volts of electricity. An external battery on the case also can charge your iPhone for up to one full extra battery charge.

So far, the case has been only designed for the iPhone 4/4S.  Yellow Jacket was awarded Apple's MFi Development license earlier this month, which means a "made for iPhone" badge will be placed on all of their packaging.

The company also is working on other upgrades for the iPhone 5 and for the Samsung Galaxy.

To avoid any accidental shocks to yourself or a loved one, the case has a dual safety switch that requires the user to flip off the electrode cover. The case also includes a protective layer that prevents any potential interference with the phone.

Check out the company's video, which it used to launch its Indiegogo fundraising campaign last year, describing the device and the story behind its creation.

Yellow Jacket Promo from Loupe Theory Studios on Vimeo.

Photo: Yellow Jacket

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