Analytics software market to hit $33.9 billion, says IDC

Analytics is 2012's version of the term "cloud computing." Everyone is talking cloud and everyone is talking analytics. Combine the two and vendors are in heaven.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

The business analytics software market is on tap to hit $33.9 billion in 2012, up 8.2 percent from 2011, according to IDC. Oracle has the leading market share, but there are a bevy of software players in the business intelligence market.

IDC's business intelligence and analytics is sprawling. IDC is tracking 12 analytics markets and five of them have revenue of more than $1 billion globally. Among the key buckets:

  • End-User Query, Reporting, and Analysis (Standalone and Embedded);
  • Data Warehouse Management;
  • Financial Performance and Strategy Management Applications;
  • CRM Analytics Applications;
  • and Data Warehouse Generation.

Those five categories account for 73 percent of the total business intelligence market. The U.S. accounts for 44 percent of the market with advanced analytics, data warehouse management, data warehouse generation, end user reporting and workforce analytics being growth categories.

To get a feel for how analytics has become the buzzword of 2012 consider this: IDC is tracking 300 vendors in 12 analytics markets. Analytics is 2012's version of cloud computing. Everyone is talking cloud and everyone is talking analytics.

IDC was a bit sketchy on the leading software vendors in its statement. Oracle has 20 percent market share in the analytics category with 17.9 percent growth in IDC's semiannual survey. SAP, IBM, SAS and Microsoft all had double digit growth. Indeed, 14 vendors had analytics revenue topping $100 million.

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