And another - IKEA in security blunder

UPDATE: Customer details exposed in yet another Web site incident
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Swedish furniture firm IKEA experienced a security blunder at its online store this week, exposing the private details of hundreds of customers online.

A Web server configuration error left a database file containing the customer information temporarily unprotected an accessible to any visitor to IKEA's Web site. The glitch revealed the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email information belonging to customers who had ordered a catalogue from IKEA.

According to an IKEA spokeswoman, just one Internet customer actually gained access to the information, and the store plugged the hole shortly after it was alerted. The company is carrying out an investigation into the incident, she said. "To our understanding it was an isolated incident on the North American Web site," said the spokeswoman. "The site closed it down pending an inquiry, and we're awaiting further details of how it was carried out."

This is the latest in an increasingly long line of blunders to blight big name companies that have entered into e-commerce. Consumer groups are also more concerned about the impact this could be having on customer confidence.

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