Android apps to get the summer party started

A good way to have a good summer season is by using smartphone apps to help make the best of those fun times. Here are some good Android apps to get the summer party started.

The Memorial Day long weekend is upon us in the U. S. and it is the signal that the summer is here. Summer is the favorite season for many, with vacations and trips to the beach on the horizon. A good way to have a good summer season is by using smartphone apps to help make the best of those fun times. Here are some good Android apps to get the summer party started.

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Image Gallery: Charge

Steak Time. Summer time means barbecue time in my household, and the Steak Time app by Omaha Steaks is a good way to make the most of the grilling season. Steak Time has a bunch of great recipes of all types for the grill, along with good tips for how impress friends and family with your skill at the grill. Recipes can be tagged, creating shopping lists for picking up just what you need for the outdoor party. There are videos showing grilling methods of the real pros. Steak Time also serves as multiple timers to make sure you get all of those steaks cooked to order for each guest. Just hit the start all timers button and the app tells you when to put each persons order on the grill. The recipes are designed for using Omaha Steak products, but meat is meat no matter where you buy it. The app is free, with photos of all the dishes.

Drinks Master. You need adult beverages to get the summer party rocking, and Drinks Master tells you how to make hundreds of them. Drinks are categorized by type, and the app includes drink recipes along with instructions for how to serve the drink. There are non-alcoholic drinks represented, so the kiddies can join in the fun too. There are a lot of recipes using coffee and tea included in the mix. Free.

Kayak. Summer vacation often means travel, and there is no better way to make arrangements than the Kayak app. Kayak has good search capability making it easy to find just the flights and hotels you want for that special trip. It gives you a good comparison to help make the right plans, and presents them in an attractive manner. Kayak allows calling travel providers from the app with the stored phone numbers, and also has a flight tracker to keep up with schedule changes. Free.

Google Goggles. The smartphone has revolutionized the way we can find out information about the things around us. Google Goggles is a great example of this, as it triggers searches when you snap a photo of something around you. This is useful when traveling and you need information about an unfamiliar area, or even while shopping in a local establishment. Take a picture and Google Goggles figures out what the object is and clues you in on the information about it, including where to buy it online for a good price. It can read those funny QR codes and barcodes, too. It is perfect for those trips to the museum and you want inside information about that painting on display. Free.

Google Sky Map. Be sure and stop and look up at the wonders of the stars this summer. Sky Map opens up the stars through the smartphone camera. Point the phone up at the sky and Sky Map will tell you what you see, including constellations and planets. You can search for particular objects by entering them and Sky Map then shows you where to point your phone camera to bring it into view. Free.