Android improves for work: Exchange Tasks now available on Gmail app

Android phone owners previously had to use a third party app for Exchange email, but Google updated Gmail last year to support Exchange. This week Google added support for Exchange Tasks.


As I was setting up the LG G6 this week, I had to decide if I was going to use Gmail for Exchange or continue to use the Microsoft Outlook app that I have come to prefer on all of my phones. Given the support of Gmail calendar integration with LG's calendar, I decided to give Gmail for Exchange another try.

My timing was perfect as Google announced yesterday that Exchange Tasks are now supported on the Gmail app. Thus, through the Gmail app I can now sync my work's email, contacts, calendar, and tasks. The Outlook app does not support tasks.

Tasks are embedded within the Gmail app so you simply tap on the left three line menu icon to select the Tasks area of your Gmail Exchange account. Enter the title and add a note if you want, then select the due date, reminder time, and priority level of the task.

Opening a task in Gmail presents you with options in the upper right for selecting a check mark to complete the task, delete the task, or edit the task.

Google: Gmail gets a boost:

Google: Gmail gets a boost