Android! Oracle! Self-driving cars! Oh my! My top 10 Google posts of 2010

Google was everywhere this year - Here's my 10 most-read posts about the company from 2010.
Written by Christopher Dawson, Contributor

Android became a household name. I scored myself a Chrome OS Notebook. Google just kept stepping on privacy landmines. And the company just keeps raking in the billions, recession be damned. Here's my top 10 posts of the year on what is arguably the most important tech company on the planet.

1. Buh-bye Blackberry, hello Droid Incredible!

"I took the plunge today and said goodbye to my trusty Blackberry Curve and hello to the new Droid."

2. Google launches Body Browser, language database

"If you can’t sell the books, you might as well catalog a few billion words or map the human body in 3D, right?"

3. Oracle sues Google: Looking for a piece of the mobile pie

"Why now? Can they win? And what does it mean for Google and Java developers at large if they do?"

4. Google Voice: One more step toward owning everything

"For me, Google Voice is so useful that I'll happily hand over my voicemails and calling data to Google. Can the same be said for enterprises? And is the average consumer really giving informed consent?"

5. Is your Droid Incredible low on disk space?

"Ack! I've been hit with the Low-on-space bug! And HTC doesn't have a clue what it is."

6. Google's self-driving car: What's in it for Google?

"Self-driving cars from Google - it's real, but is it a good idea?"

7. Can Apple's iOS really beat Google's Android?

"Steve Jobs was understandably bullish on iOS during an investor call on Monday. All his talk of Android fragmentation, though, largely missed the point of the increasingly pervasive embedded OS."

8. Macbook/iPhone/iPad or PC/Droid/Streak? No, seriously...

"This wasn't your typical Mac vs. PC question. This was an iPad-driven, serious inquiry from someone who could function in either Mac-land or PC-land. Would my Android loyalties be too strong for objectivity?"

9. Apple HTC lawsuit: If I can't get my Nexus One...

"Apple obviously has the right to defend its patents. Whatever. This particular lawsuit, however (along with those that will most likely follow), has the potential to really crush competition in a market that has long been dominated by Apple and RIM."

10. 50,000 Android Apps - Just in time for the Droid Incredible

"In 2010 alone, Android Apps have doubled, Android phones are exploding (providing incentive for developers), and Google's Tim Bray cited the "low barrier to entry" for developers in a recent interview. Honestly, I'll just be happy to move on from the awful BlackBerry Facebook application."

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