Android rules Brazilian smartphone market

iOS is at the bottom of the list, says research
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Android-based smartphones are the majority in Brazil, according to recent research.

Google's mobile operating system is the absolute leader in the country and runs on 89.5 percent of all devices, according to research released by consulting firm Kantar Worldpanel.

The runner-up operating system is Windows Phone, which represents a 5.9 percent slice of the market, says the research, which related to numbers for July 2015. Apple's iOS accounted for 3.5 percent of the market.

This compares to previous research from nearly a year ago that were noticeably different: back in September 2014, Android also led the pack with 88.2 percent but the iOS came second with a 6.1 percent market share while 3.6 percent of all smartphones were based on Windows Phone.

According to separate research by IT Data, the top selling smartphones in Brazil are Android-based: the top of the list is Samsung's Galaxy Grand Prime and the runner-up is Motorola's Moto G.

However, the forecast for smartphone sales in Brazil is not so positive: due to the recession, sales have slowed down and the downward trend is set to continue, according to research firm IDC. The analyst predicts that sales for the second quarter should drop by 12 percent in comparison to 2014.

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