Android smartphones suffer from significantly higher failure rates than iPhones

A new report shows a huge disparity between Android and iOS device failures.
​Android device failure rate stands at 44 percent

Android device failure rate stands at 44 percent

Blancco Technology Group

A report by mobile device diagnostics firm Blancco Technology Group has uncovered a massive disparity in failure rates between Android and iOS devices, with Android coming off much worse of the two.

According to the report, , compared to only 25 percent for iOS devices.

Of the Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Lenovo K3 Note suffered from the highest failure rates, while for iOS it was the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s that had the highest failure rates.

​Android failure rate by OEM/device

Android failure rate by OEM/device

Blancco Technology Group
​iOS device failure rate

iOS device failure rate

Blannco Technology Group

It's also interesting to observe how the top 5 issues vary between the North America, Asia, and Europe compared to worldwide issues.

​Device failure rate by region

Device failure rate by region

Blancco Technology Group

It's interesting also to note that device failure rates were significantly higher in Asia (where the figure was 55 percent) than in North America (27 percent) and Europe (35 percent).

When it came to apps robustness, the report shows that Android security apps were particularly crashy. A whopping 82 percent of crashes surveued by Blancco were caused by Lookout, followed by 360 Security, CM Security and AVG Antivirus, each at 3 percent.

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