Animated capers on a desktop near you

Remember Morph? He's coming to the Web in a big way along with a few pals, both old and new...

Animated legends including Morph (Tony Hart's Gallery for those of you old enough to remember) and the marvellous Wallace and Gromit will be running riot across PCs worldwide from Friday. The animated classics form part of a project from entertainment Web site Atom Films and animation company Aardman.

Aardman is one of Britain's most successful animation houses and intends to bring the cream of British animation to a worldwide audience through the Atom Films Web site.

Many of Britain's favourite animated characters will be showcased at the site which will broadcast much sought-after footage to a global audience for the first time. The site will kick off its entertainment coverage with excerpts from Nick Park's critically acclaimed "Creature Comforts" short. New content will be added every two weeks, including extracts from Park's Oscar winning Wallace and Gromit.

Liz Keynes, Head of Rights and Licensing at Aardman comments: "The Internet means that audiences no longer have to rely on TV channels to see their favourite Aardman films. Wallace and Gromit are becoming known globally but the World Wide Web is a great way to let audiences across the world see the diversity of Aardman's output -- from Rex the Runt to less well known characters like 'Adam' and 'Pib and Pog'."