Anti-SOA 2.0 petition nears 400

Many say 'stop the madness'
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer on

At last count, the online petition against the "SOA 2.0" moniker, posted by Macehiter Ward-Dutton, had reached 398 signatures. (Update June 30: Just crossed the 400 mark!) Just a week ago, last time I reported on it, it had passed the 100 mark. At that time, Oracle dug in its heels with the term to describe its event-driven architecture offerings, and that may have been the impetus for the new round of signatures.

Since many people pronounce SOA as "so-uh," Todd Biske recommends adding the French pronunciation of the number two (deux, pronounced "duh") and call it "so-uh duh."  (Pardon my French...)

It simply doesn't make sense to attach a version number to an architecture. Plus, some say it defines event-driven architecture, while others say if we're going to talk about a nextgen SOA at all, it should apply to the evolution of SOA techniques from IT optimization to business development. (Discussed in more depth in this earlier post.)

hen I created the petition, I thought if we got to 20 or 30 signatures, that would be pretty cool." Now, Ward-Dutton hopes to hit the 500 mark.

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