Anti-SOA 2.0 petition nears 400

Many say 'stop the madness'

At last count, the online petition against the "SOA 2.0" moniker, posted by Macehiter Ward-Dutton, had reached 398 signatures. (Update June 30: Just crossed the 400 mark!) Just a week ago, last time I reported on it, it had passed the 100 mark. At that time, Oracle dug in its heels with the term to describe its event-driven architecture offerings, and that may have been the impetus for the new round of signatures.

Since many people pronounce SOA as "so-uh," Todd Biske recommends adding the French pronunciation of the number two (deux, pronounced "duh") and call it "so-uh duh."  (Pardon my French...)

It simply doesn't make sense to attach a version number to an architecture. Plus, some say it defines event-driven architecture, while others say if we're going to talk about a nextgen SOA at all, it should apply to the evolution of SOA techniques from IT optimization to business development. (Discussed in more depth in this earlier post.)

hen I created the petition, I thought if we got to 20 or 30 signatures, that would be pretty cool." Now, Ward-Dutton hopes to hit the 500 mark.